Singapore Premiere

Sun 29 Oct, 3:00pm | Gallery Theatre, NMS

Dir. Rungano Nyoni | 2017 | UK/France | Drama/Comedy | 95 mins | English and Chewa with English subtitles | DCP | Rating PG

Set in Zambia, a young orphan named Shula is accused by fellow villagers of witchcraft, and is banished to a travelling witch camp in the outskirts. Alongside a community of mostly elderly women (“so-called’ witches), Shula is attached to a white ribbon to prevent her from flying away; any witch who cuts the ribbon will be turned into a goat as punishment. Soon, a corrupt local government official, Mr. Banda, uses Shula’s “powers” to help him pick out criminals from line-ups, summon the next rainfall and even launch a range of magical eggs on a talkshow.  

An arresting, innovative debut by Zambian-born, Welsh-raised director Rungano Nyoni, I Am Not a Witch boldly tackles themes of misogyny, superstition and exploitation. Shot with a non-professional cast, this satirical fable defies genre conventions, mixing social commentary on feminism with a potent blend of deadpan humour. I Am Not a Witch was screened at the Directors' Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival this year—a commendable accomplishment for the first-time feature director. Programmed as part of our Women in Charge section, Nyoni film’s is one of three that shines the spotlight on women filmmakers, in acknowledgement  of the structural and institutional challenges they face.


Concession is applicable to all current Students, Seniors above 55 and Full-Time National Servicemen (NSFs). Concession ticket holders will have to present their identification at the door. We reserve the right to decline admission without valid documentation.


Sun 29 Oct, 3:00pm | Gallery Theatre, NMS

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