The Klezmer Project (2023)

29 October 2023, 04:00 PM







Leandro Koch, Paloma Schachmann

Argentina, Austria

Docu-fiction, Music

115 minutes

Various with English subtitles

PG (Scene of Intimacy)


Winner – GWFF Best First Feature Award (Berlinale 2023)

Main Summary

The Klezmer Project traces the journey of Argentine cameraman Leandro, whose innocent white lie for love launches him into a transformative odyssey across Eastern Europe and into the intricate layers of his own heritage. Koch and Schachmann’s stunning directorial debut weaves Transcarpathian folk songs and music into a rich tapestry of stories.  

As Leandro embarks on his fake mission to document the vanishing tradition of Klezmer, a form of Jewish instrumental folk music, his camera lens serves as a transformative portal. 

Through it, the audience is whisked into a world where cherished folk traditions spring to life. Expect a joyful immersion in merriment and festivities as the film alternates between interviews and enchanting folk music performances.  

In the delicate transfer of these melodies through generations, cultures rise above adversity, highlighting the resolute power of music to preserve heritage. The Klezmer Project pays heartfelt homage to this cultural fortitude, rekindling the viewers’ appreciation for the capacity of music to tell stories.