Paco (2023)

29 October 2023, 01:30 PM







Tim Carlier



89 minutes

English with English subtitles

PG13 (Some Coarse Language)


Official Selection (International Film Festival Rotterdam 2023)

Main Summary

In the surrealist comedy Paco, sound recordist Manny embarks on an unpredictable journey after unintentionally leaving a radio on Hebe, a gig actress. Armed with his recording gear, Manny sets out to track the radio signal emitted by Hebe’s device throughout Adelaide.  

Sound is the heart of this film, as every auditory detail is recorded exclusively through Manny’s equipment. From the fading melodies of on-screen music to the immersive crashing of waves, the audience is enveloped in Manny’s sonic universe.   

Through a dynamic interplay between Manny’s microphone and Hebe’s radio signals, Paco delves into the often-under-appreciated layers of filmmaking, emphasising the pivotal role that sound plays in moulding narratives and influencing audience perceptions. As Manny navigates the labyrinthine soundscape using sound as his compass, the film ingeniously explores the interwoven pathways of sound, storytelling, and serendipity. The result is a whimsical journey that not only captivates but also prompts contemplation about the intricate ways in which sound shapes our cinematic experiences.