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PFF 2022
The 15th anniversary edition of Perspectives Film Festival: Breakthroughs in Cinema presents: It’s Time...

Tick... Tock. What is film without time? A famous director once referred to film as “sculpting in time”. Time is to a filmmaker what paint is to a painter—a material to shape and express meaning. Whether it is the time travel of science-fiction films, or the nostalgia of the past and memory, time pervades cinema. This year, we explore cinematic notions of time: transience of shuttering cinemas, voyages into the past, ills of the present, and anxieties for the future. PFF 2022 is anchored in innovative explorations of time through form and content, a testament to the richness of film’s temporality.
    Cinema Voyeurs
    Dying Landmarks in the City

    Dying Landmarks in the City

      At 9pm on June 26 2022, the Cathay Cineplex at 2 Handy Road screened its last movie—Top Gun: Maverick—before shuttering its doors forever.1...

    Can Love Endure Through the Ages?

    Can Love Endure Through the Ages?

      Imagine entering a time portal. You can rewind time to encounter your partner before you were together or seek out a future version of them...

    No, my therapy won’t fix things

    No, my therapy won’t fix things

      We should celebrate going to therapy. For the longest time and for some sub-cultures today, to declare that we go for therapy sessions might...


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