Watership Down

Martin Rosen (1978)

“We’re children again when we watch, not so much suspending disbelief as resuming belief.”
— Phil Hoad, The Guardian

A rabbit has an apocalyptic vision and along with several friends, sets out on an exodus to build a new warren. Adapted from Richard Adams’ eponymous dystopian novel, Watership Down is an incredible story of the strength of spirit, a heart-wrenching allegory of the fight for freedom.

The film, regarded as a landmark in British animation, is notable for its fearless and skillful handling of darker themes. Firm in his pursuit of an unsullied visual translation of the novel, Rosen does not shy away from depicting the more graphic scenes, breaking away from conventional expectations of the children’s animation genre.

Watership Down was in competition for Best Feature at the Chicago International Film Festival, and was also named the 47th greatest British film of all time by Total Film magazine in 2004. Rosen would go on to make only one more animated film, The Plague Dogs, in 1982.

Martin Rosen


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Friday, 16 Oct

8.00 PM

Friday, 16 Oct

8.00 PM

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