Burden of Dreams

Les Blank (1982)

“This is warts-and-all stuff, made with sympathy but determined to show us as much of the truth as possible.”
— Derek Malcolm, The Guardian

Having major casting issues and getting caught up in an ongoing war may be sufficient reasons to halt any filmmaking process, but not for iconic German director Werner Herzog. Determined to make an epic of his project, Fitzcarraldo, Herzog battles the odds with an indomitable zest few possess. Recording the madness behind the scenes is respected documentarian Blank, who faces his own trials as the endeavour thrusts him into the depths of the Amazon Basin, over a thousand miles away from the comforts of civilisation.

As one filmmaker embarks on his most ambitious project yet, another attempts to capture the chaotic beauty of the process. It is a journey into the unknown that tests their physical and creative limits and the lengths a filmmaker would go to realise his vision. Through Blank’s lens, we witness how one can so adeptly toe the line between genius and madman, and transform a wild dream into a full-blown artistic achievement.

Burden Of Dreams won the BAFTA award for Best Documentary in 1983, and is now considered one of the most important documentaries about the making of a movie.

Les Blank


Various languages with English subtitles


PG13 (Brief Coarse Language)


Sunday, 18 Oct

1:30 PM

Sunday, 18 Oct

1:30 PM

95 mins